The Delights Of Autumn…

There is something about Autumn that I love, woodland walks, park visits, then coming home for hot cocoa.

During the summer you make the most of the glorious sunshine and bask in it. Making every opportunity to have picnics at the park, visit beaches and paddling pools in the garden.

This weekend we took a visit to the local village park which I have spoken about before. It has a huge conker tree at the back of the cricket field. We spent our time searching for conker’s, building up our collection that we already had.




It was also a chance to wear the new wellies we had purchased over the weekend, perfect opportunity to find muddy puddles and jump around. Since we have had so much rain the past few days it was something that was very welcomed by both children!




The little boy loves to find conkers and manage to get a good haul. We also found acorns too, intact with there little “hats”



All the conkers had dropped from the tree, but there were a few stray ones still in there casing. I love bursting them out, to find a great big shiny smooth conker (this one in particular had twins!)


Such a fun activity to do as a family. The joy on the little boys face every time he found a conker was a picture I just couldn’t help but keep snapping.

Its not until the season is upon us that you fully take it in. I love all seasons, but when we are in the midst of one like we are autumn then thats when I fully fall in love with it.

Mummy Heart’s You

Making A Splash {Muddy Puddles}

photo 1

Some people dread the end of summer after having had loads of fun getting out and about with their little ones during the unusually sunny summer months this year,  playing in the park, going for picnics, to the beach, and generally enjoying the warm temperatures.

Well not me! One of my favourite things to do with my little kiddo’s is to get out and to go exploring in the woods. We don’t stay stuck indoors on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we get stuck in!

So don’t let a downpour rain on your parade. If you’re feeling blue about the start of September, read these tips for having more fun in the rain:

Get Galosh’d 

While I’m all for having fun in the rain, something I’m definitely not advocating is getting wet and cold. Because of this, I’d say it’s definitely worth splashing out on some rain gear for both you and the kids – the sillier the better!

Your first must-have is a pair of waterproof boots. I’ve seen these lovely girls wellies from this selection of girls wellies at the aptly named Muddy Puddles, I am sure Moo will love them, even when it’s not raining!  Other essentials include a bright raincoat or novelty poncho, and little umbrellas to make them feel oh-so grown-up.

Get Competitive 

Don’t chastise your children for jumping in puddles – join them! Turn creating the biggest splash a competition, or give credit for the most complicated puddle dancing routine. Your kids will love seeing your silly side and stomping through puddles is surprisingly invigorating.

photo 2

Capture the moment

Taking photos in the rain… with kids? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Wrong! Store a few waterproof disposable cameras in your bag – try Boots for some options which won’t break the bank – ready for the next day and give your youngsters the opportunity to capture their day in the rain all by themselves.

The rain provides a chance to photograph water droplets running down the windows, beautiful rainbows and even puddle reflections. Who knows, you might just have a budding photographer on your hands!

So with these simple tips you could have fun making a splash too with you kiddo’s once the summer is over!

*This is a guest post*

Mummy Hearts You

Weekend To-Do’s


I am so excited as on Monday we are taking Moo to her very first cinema visit! I am really nervous about the whole jaunt but I am hoping she is going to love it and enjoy the experience. Thor will be staying with nanny and grandad , I am thinking he is just a little too young to fully understand e has to sit still throughout the film!

Saturday I am getting my hair cut, its been a while and its looking a bit lank, so I am in need of some pampering. I will also run some errands whilst I am out.

I have managed 30 crochet squares of my blanket and this week i have started to attach them together to see how big it actually is, I need to make about another 30 squares, so this weekend, as well as finishing attaching them I will be busy making more squares.

The children are sure to have some lazy afternoons playing with toys. Thor is obsessed with Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig at the moment! These are the current toys that are out and played with the most!

Another 4 day weekend this weekend, with Monday being a bank holiday and then Tuesday a normal day off for the husband, its panning out to be a nice, fun family weekend.

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Fairy Cakes…

photo 1

We were so busy this weekend attending parties and meeting friends, I decided on Sunday I couldn’t arrive empty handed so as well as my Banoffee Pie, Moo helped me make some fairy cakes for the children. So easy and quick to make, and now with all the delicious fancy decorations you can decorate them with such a fun activity for the children in the holidays too!

photo 2


  • 125g Margarine
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 125g Self raising flour
  • 2 Large eggs
  • 1 Level teaspoon baking powder
  • Dr.Oetker easy swirl icing (I used pink and chocolate)
  • Cake sprinkles of your choice
  • Few drops of almond essence (personal choice)
  • 12 cup cake cases


  1. Preheat oven to 180°c
  2. Beat together the sugar and margarine till smooth, add the flour, baking powder and eggs and mix until a smooth batter. Lastly add the almond essence if you wish.
  3. Pour the mixture into the cases evenly and cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown and spongy.
  4. Remove from the oven and let them cool.
  5. Once cooled, decorate with the swirl icing and sprinkles of your choice.
  6. EAT

Moo loved making these and loved eating them too! She even tried the cake mixture for the first time! – Yes mean mummy alert! I have been wary about letting her try it, what with raw egg and all, but I caught her red handed and she looked like she was enjoying it so much I couldn’t let her stop! she did declare after a while she was stuffed and I should remove it from her view to stop her eating it!

Mummy Hearts You


Don’t Wake The Royal Baby {What We’re Reading}…


This weekend Moo went to a birthday party and won the musical statues competition. She has a high competitive streak (she takes after her mother!). The prize was this lovely book, so I thought I would share.


It was obviously released in time for the royal baby and after the first read I fell in love with it! Moo was so into it asking questions along the way.


I love the way they have got all the characters of the book set up to match the personalities of the real life Royals. Moo has continuously asked for it to be read and is constantly reading it to her baby Annabel.


I love everything about this book and its been a big hit! Its definitely one to be recommend. What books are you reading to your little ones at the moment?

Maggie Stone

Mummy Hearts You

Au Revoir…

Its that time of year for our family holiday! For the best part of next week I will be staying in one of these….


I expect to come back with a bad back heading into my 30’s, yes my last week of being in my 20’s we decide to go camping! So I will have lots to tell when I get back! Don’t forget I will be still hosting my How Can It Be blog hop when I am gone, so please join in if your about! It will be open from the 1st..

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