Mummy Hearts You Weekly Catch-Up | 1/52


My first weekly catch-up of the year! I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and celebrated the New Year in style! Here is what Mummy Hearts You has got up to over the past week!

Sunday we woke at my in-laws. After celebrating boxing day there we decided to have a sleep over. It easier for us as we don’t live very close. I was cooked a english breakfast by my father in law which was really good! Once home we relaxed, we may of popped out to by a new hairdryer and a McDonalds lunch! Once home I was so tired I went for a lay down and when I woke H was snuggled next to me. An easy tea of cheese and crackers and and early night was had..

We had to pop to a friends on Monday. Mr B had a quick look at their boiler as it was playing up. G and H had a little play with their friends. We were back home for lunch and a relaxing afternoon playing board games. I popped out to get a few bits for the next few nights for dinner. Mr B was working late at work so it was just me, G and H eating dinners.

Tuesday Mr B was back at work and I was meeting a friend at the soft play. H has had a cough for a while and he got so hot and worked up, he was sick everywhere! Luckily it cleared his chest and although he still kept coughing he seemed to be much better after he bought up the nastiness that was on his chest. I was so embarrassed, I kept reiterating that he was ok and he didn’t have a bug! We arrived back home and we all had baths straight away.. I stunk and H was covered! I also started on my new crochet project!

I popped over to see my sister on Wednesday. G was excited to see her cousins. We stayed for lunch and she made me a few bits for my diary. She has a clever machine that makes stickers! Once home we got into our pjs and spent the rest of the day on the sofa. I had minted lamb for dinner {my favourite!} once the children were in bed.

Thursday Mr B was off and I was up early to do the weekly shop and then  had a few errands to run. G spent her christmas money on 2 new toys {as if she needed more!} H decided to save his as he couldn’t find anything he wanted. After lunch Mr B popped out to the comic shop and purchased a few items out of his money he received for christmas. I spent the afternoon crocheting! I went to bed early feeling a bit poorly. I am not one to celebrate New Years.

After a restless night Friday was a pyjama day. Mr B was back to work. We didn’t do anything all day. I got some more crocheting done and G and H spent the day playing with their toys. I managed to get on top of the washing and sort out homes for all the new lego! We had a cheeky takeout pizza for dinner.

Saturday Mr B was again at work and I tidied the house. I had a friend over for lunch and we played our favourite game of monopoly. I made some homemade chips for lunch and we just caught up and had a good old natter. H was a little unsettled all day and I put it down to lack of sleep! He was a bit of a pickle all day.

The Year That Was 2015 | Mummy Hearts You Review


In just a matter of a few hours we will be bringing in 2016. 2015 has flown by and there has been many ups and downs and although the downs have been pretty hard going, we have had some amazing times as a family. Ive had some favourite post and some pretty raw posts and I decided to share some of my favourites with you in the mummy hearts you 2015 review. It was quite a hard task picking out of the 234 posts I had written this year! So grab yourself a tea, or hot chocolate and enjoy some of hand picked mummy hearts you favourites..

On This Day… I blogged about Mine and Mr B’s 8 years of marriage. It has flown by and I can’t believe that in a matter of weeks we will be celebrating another year..

A Mothers Worry saw me talk about my worries as H prepared for his operation. Its hard to see your baby go through something like this and it was only a few months earlier that G went for her ear operation, so my feelings were still very raw. I shouldn’t have been worried as he was a little star

The School Application Post was all about H starting school. We managed to get our first choice and he would be joining his sister. I was so worried about him being accepted for his first choice as we had only just moved and we were out of the catchment area, but luckily we got in and so far he has settled really well.

Loss saw me blog about loosing my nan. I felt a lot of guilt and it took me some time to get over the fact I wouldn’t see her again. It was a really hard time and I found it really difficult coming to terms with loosing her. Its still pains me today. Time is a great healer and it does get easier.

Induction Into Big School was definitely hard for me to blog. H took it in his stride and I was left sitting alone for the first time in 4 years. It was a huge adjustment for me and H

Summer Holiday 2015 saw us have a wonderful holiday in the Lakes. It was a lovely way to start the summer. Although it wasn’t the ideal weather for camping we all had a blast

The C Word was definitely one of my hardest posts of the year. Late summer I was diagnosed with skin cancer and it was really heard to come to terms with. This was my most views post of the year.

Ive Lost My Boy To Big School was a tough blog. I found the first few weeks of H starting school really hard and struggled as a mummy. I blogged about being a Full Time School Mum too

Lastly Bathroom Makeover was finally completed. It was a luxury compared to what we had and I am so proud of my wonderful husband fr doing it all himself!

I have big plans for 2016, in a matter of weeks I shall be taking my blog self hosted which I am really excited about. I intend to put my all into the blog this year and hopefully I can bring my readers and followers some more great blog posts.

Thank you to everyone that reads my blog, I really do appreciate every read like and comment.

The Tough Parts Of Parenting


As I type this I am currently sat in children’s a&e with a poorly H. 12pm and waiting for a doctor seems like a never ending outcome. As he struggles for breath I realise this, right here has to be the hardest part of being a parent. I’m looking around and I see the fear in every parents face and I know that I am not the only one who is feeling scared.

H had quite a severe attack in the summer and it resulted in a mad dash to hospital in an ambulance. The diagnosis was an allergic reaction. All weekend he has said to me he hasn’t felt good, he had a headache and was feeling under the weather. I gave him medicine and let it be.

Fast forward to 11pm and I can hear a little boy fighting for breath. The sound every parent dreds. A sharp cry and rattly rasps were not of the ordinary. We decided to have him in our bed and I lay there for over 20 minutes listening to him hoping it would get better. I knew better and I knew I should of done it straight away. I called for help, those dreaded three numbers.

We were being seen to quickly and the diagnosis was a trip to the hospital again. I decided to drive this time as getting home was pretty horrendous last time. I arrived and my heart sank at the amount of young children that took up the children’s a&e. It was going to be a long wait. It was a long wait.

5 hours of waiting and a diagnosis of Croup. We arrive back home at 4:30 and with very little sleep, mummy duties continue. School runs and back home looking after a very tired, sick little boy.

These parts of parenting are hard, helpless and the moments I find the toughest. It puts your parenting skills to the test and when you come out the other side you realise just how difficult being a parent is.

But would I change it? Never…

Weekly Round-Up #17

I really enjoy typing up these posts as it gets me reflecting on the week just passed. Its been a while since I posted one and I really need to get into a routine of getting them up weekly! Here is what we have been busy doing this week.

Sunday we went to the in-laws for dinner and on days like this I like to be organised for when we return home. I managed to get the school uniform ironed and lunches prepped. I like to come home and not have to rush around getting everything together. We had lunch and enjoyed the company of Mr B’s family. I look forward to every other Sunday purely for this. Once home I had a nice soak in the bath!

It was a busy day Monday. I went to see my sister as usual and we had to pop into town as my kettle had broken! {Oh the pain} I saw one online I really liked so I went to go and purchase it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Typical. I ended up buying a bog standard cream kettle. I headed back with my sister and had lunch at hers. We both had meetings at our schools so was a short visit. I joined in with our version of the PTA. Once Pick up was done we headed straight to swimming. Moo has come on so far and I adore watching her. I find it fascinating how quickly she has picked it all up. She had to swim lengths this week!!

Tuesday I was on a mission to clean the upstairs. Beds were changed, floors were cleared and the hoovering was accomplished! It felt good not to have a little person badgering me and I was able to get it all done! I normally do big jobs like this at weekends {why I don’t know!} I picked Moo and H up from school and returned home for a quick hour as we had to get back to the doctors for H to have his flu nasal spray! He took it well. I had to dash out in the evening as my sister called with news her little boy had, had an accident. I picked her up from work and drove her home, thankfully all was ok!

On Wednesday, once Moo and H were at school I chilled on the sofa. I managed to catch up with TV. Its nice not to have to do things sometimes! Moo and H finished school and we got home and chilled some more!

Lots to do on Thursday! Mr B was off work and it was our shopping day for Christmas. With Moo and H dropped of at school we headed straight to the shops, with no clue what to get we were a little lost! We spent all day out and about and by the time we picked the children up we were both a little frazzled and desperate for a cup of tea! Mr B had a quick doctors appointment and after being out all day and not doing the food shop we had a cheeky McDonalds tea!

Friday was another manic day, Mr B was still off, so he did the school run for me. Its always nice to have a break sometimes. We went food shopping and then decided to go on the hunt for a Lego advent calendar.. We have left it far too late and unfortunately were unable to find one! Slightly annoyed I have left it to the last minute!! Moo was at a friends house for tea so we picked H up and headed home. We chilled on the sofa and I cooked tea of gammon and mini garlic potatoes, was really good! I picked Moo up and when she got in she asked to go straight to bed! She looked really tired and I think she was having some effect from the nasal flu spray she had had at school the previous day!

Total chill day on Saturday. Mr B was working and we stayed in our pjs all day. I wasn’t feeling great with a headache and sore throat thanks to Moo and her cold she has had. I managed to get all the washing done and hung up, it always feels good when you get on top of the laundry! Moo wanted to go to bed, extra early, but I hung her out, we had a tea of sausage and chips and a night of Im A Celeb and Strictly!

– Happy Halloween –


Halloween is never a holiday I celebrated as a child. I don’t feel I missed out on much to be honest, I wasn’t keen on knocking on peoples houses asking for sweets. It didn’t bother me that I didn’t celebrate it.. if anything I was scared of the prospect of going out.

As the years have gone on celebrating Halloween has become more of a “thing” in the UK and the shops grab onto the idea and cash in. Since having children I have become a little relaxed on it and last year was the first year I and the the children had ever gone Trick or Treating.

We dressed up {which is definitely something I am very wary of, what with the awful accident in the news last year} and we went knocking on peoples door. We went to my in-laws and they have a whole row of houses that really do go to town. Moo was scared as I knew she would be by a few and even I was a little jumpy at some. The homeowners went to town and not only gave away sweets, but were giving away {what I call} pocket money toys. Moo and H came away with buckets full to the brim! We planned to do the same this year but unfortunately Mr B had to work and I didn’t want to do it on my own {yes I am a meany!}

I did agree to buy sweets and carve pumpkins and open the door to those that knocked. We live in a quiet road and I am hoping we do get people knocking as Moo and H are so excited at the prospect of handing out sweets! If not then we have a bucket load of sweets to get through!

– Blogging Organisation –


My organisation skills are pretty bad. I have always said that when Moo and H went back to school I would be a far better blogger and have time throughout the day to catch up and blog. As of yet that has not happened.

I have said many of times that if I was a person that had a job and worked from home, nothing would get done. The TV is too much of a lure to me and catch-up TV is even worse. I blog from my lap, which is not good. I may blog from the kitchen table if the children are watching the TV, but thats quite rare. If I had a specific “zone” I may get myself into a routine so I can shut myself off from the world. We have an office, but Mr B has taken it over and decorated it in “man stuff” and I find it a little off putting.

I really need to get myself organised and set specific days where I blog and where I don’t. I currently blog when an idea pops into my head. Spur of the moment and I just type. I don’t have set ideas that I specifically want to blog about. If I like the thought of something then I just go for it. My main concern is I don’t do it enough. I could go a whole week without blogging and then I could blog every day. I need a blogging routine and I that is where I struggle. I just can’t find one.

Its half term next week and I am aiming to set myself a goal of how and when I blog. I am going to try and stick to specific days and see where that takes me. I have a notebook and I am going to set it up as a blogging book and hopefully spill all my ideas out and have working blogging days, days when Moo and H are at school and days where I can fully put my all into it.

I am determined to be a better blogger and become more organised..

– Bathroom Makeover {Home Style} –

We have been in our house for just over a year and all we have managed to accomplish is a complete renovation of our garden {read about it here

Our next big project was the upstairs bathroom. Moving in to a house that had no bath was a task in itself. I love a bath and not being able to have one for a whole year was testing. I managed and this summer we decided to bite the bullet and start the bathroom renovations. We decided for the off set, that Mr B would do all the work {apart from the plastering} To save on cost it was better for us financially to do it this way. Mr B is quite a perfectionist so I knew that he would do a good job. Might I add, he has no skills in tiling, waste or even fitting a bathroom from scratch!

This is what it looked like before.IMG_3060 IMG_3068  IMG_3069

It really was a little dated, the tiles were to the style of the previous owners and the only thing we really liked about it was the floor tiles. The shower was fairly new and we wanted to keep the existing one and just have a stand in the bath shower. Thankfully we were able to clean it up and re-use it which helped out a lot.

Before it was all white. The tiles were all floor to ceiling. We decided to only tile around the bath and shower {floor to ceiling} and around the window, toilet and sink. I wanted a clean feel so we decided on a feature wall of orange subway tiles and then white subway for finishing off. We then painted the remaining wall white. I wanted pops of colour and I really think we have achieved what we had envisioned.

IMG_3066 IMG_3062 IMG_3065 IMG_3067



Every morning I wake to bright sunshine orange and its so cheery. Its so inviting and we definitely chose well on the colour.

Mr B did all the work himself and for someone that has never tiled before he has done a really good job. I find myself in the bath all the time {the water bill will reflect that} and its by far the best room in the house {considering its the only one bought up to date!} There are a few little niggling problems but nothing a Saturday morning finishing them off won’t fix. I am so glad to finally have a bath and Moo and H are beyond excited to get into it everyday.

This has been a bit of an expense and Mr B has declared that he doesn’t want to see a DIY shop for sometime. Our next big project is a full house wire {There isn’t anything in the bathroom to wire hence the makeover} Hopefully next spring we will make a start on that and then we can start making our house our home.

– When You Want To Fist Pump The Air –

On Tuesday I was called in to attend a clinic at the hospital. Nerves got the better of me and we all thought the worst. When you receive a call and your waiting for results they tend not to tell you. I had a two day wait and the days dragged. I was anxious, grumpy, moody, snappy and generally not my self.

The last time I got a call I was called in and was told the worst news possible. Something we were not expecting. When we got the call we had a three day wait and we came to the conclusion that if they were calling us back in, it wasn’t good and it wasn’t. This time we had the same feelings. We were worried that I would have to go back and have more tissue removed because they had missed cells in the clean up. We were worried that we were not over the worst. We were worried that the second mole which was removed would too be cancerous.

My appointment was at 6pm Thursday evening and we were dead certain this was bad news. We wouldn’t be called into clinic at 6pm, no-one in clinic stays that late. I was a nervous wreck when I went in. My heart was beating against my chest and I was certain the nurse could hear it. I looked at Mr B and he was just as anxious. I sat down, and waited, I waited for those words I am so sorry, but they never came. Instead it was Its all good…

I was in a bit of a daze for the rest of the appointment. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, its all good?! Is it really that simple? Thats it? Im free? I kept repeating myself over and over and she must of thought I was going mad, I kept reciting its all good. 

Its most definitely is all good.. My second operation was a huge success and every cancerous cell was removed from my neck. I feel elated, I feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders and I feel free. I feel like I could shout it out. The past few months have been stressful and tiresome and just generally the worst I could have ever experienced. But its over.

I still have 3 monthly check-ups in rotation with the cancer doctors and plastic surgery. I may go in for a skin graph on my neck, but Im not stressing about that yet. I am just in a bubble at the moment which nobody can get me out of.

A smiley, happy content bubble…

This is most definitely a moment you just want to fist pump the air…

The School Diaries #1

I wish I had started this a few years ago. I really should of done when Moo started school but I didn’t think about it then, so I am going to start now.

Once a month I am going to post a little update on how Moo and H are doing at school. I think its nice to look back on and see how they have progressed over the year.

So here is my first School Diary

Moo has now been at school for two years. She swiftly returned and has been enjoying her first month back in Year 2. I think it helps when she likes the teacher! Every evening I get lots of chatter of everything she has done throughout the week and its so lovely to hear. Moo is excelling in her reading and I am blown away every time she opens up her book. Its amazing to hear her fluently reading.

During the summer Moo really concentrated on her writing and I have seen a huge improvement since being back at school. She really enjoys writing and literacy and she is always telling me they are her favourite subjects. Maths is a bit of a weak subject and she isn’t really such a fan {I never was either!} She has improved so much in Year 2 though and we are only 5 weeks in.

Another favourite subject is PE she really likes gymnastics and I really hope she continues to love it {again I was never a fan of this subject either!}

I am so pleased with Moo’s level of academic. I think she fits in with her age and I couldn’t ask her to do anymore than she is. She is eager to learn and is becoming so much more confident in her subjects.

H has really surprised me at school I really didn’t think he would be that eager to learn anything or take part in classroom activities but he has. By week three of school we had the rendition of the phonics song and he would show me the sounds and actions. He is always eager to let me know when he has learnt new sounds and proudly shows them off.

Reading is still hit and miss, I try and explain the words and sounds but I think its going to take time {obviously!} He is willing to sit down with a book and try which is all I can ask for. He will get it, he just needs a little bit more time. H’s learning is still based around play.

H is quite honest in telling me he doesn’t like dinner time, I can see why, it is a bit overwhelming for a small boy. Moo has been taking care of him as much as she can and he does seem to be improving. We have less tears 5 weeks in.

Both Moo and H have settled back into school really well and I am so proud of them. I will be back next month with my second edition of the School Diaries

– I’ve Lost My Boy To The School –

When people ask me how I am enjoying my free time I honestly don’t know how to answer them. I want to be honest and I want to scream at them but its polite to just answer, its ok, than actually tell them the truth…

I have lost my boy to the school…

I hate it…

I hate being alone…

I hate not having him there behind me…

I hate going to the kitchen and him not being there…

I hate going to the toilet and him not standing behind the door…

I hate making lunch for me, and only me…

I hate not having the afternoon snuggles on the sofa…

I hate not being able to play out in the garden with him…

I hate not having Peppa Pig on 24/7… Okay Okay that might be a lie…

I just hate it…

I don’t think I will ever get used to the fact that I have lost my little boy, my baby, to the school playground

Will it ever get easier?