Don’t Wake The Royal Baby {What We’re Reading}…


This weekend Moo went to a birthday party and won the musical statues competition. She has a high competitive streak (she takes after her mother!). The prize was this lovely book, so I thought I would share.


It was obviously released in time for the royal baby and after the first read I fell in love with it! Moo was so into it asking questions along the way.


I love the way they have got all the characters of the book set up to match the personalities of the real life Royals. Moo has continuously asked for it to be read and is constantly reading it to her baby Annabel.


I love everything about this book and its been a big hit! Its definitely one to be recommend. What books are you reading to your little ones at the moment?

Maggie Stone

Mummy Hearts You

8 thoughts on “Don’t Wake The Royal Baby {What We’re Reading}…

    • Mummy Hearts You says:

      It really is a lovely book, the illustrations are lovely, so very similar to the real life Will and Kate! I smiled my way through reading it 🙂

  1. Carie says:

    Aww that looks so sweet, and gorgeous illustrations – I suspect my Kitty might enjoy it too given the number of conversations we’ve had that start “shh! don’t wake Baby Elma please!”, and I love children’s books that have a little tongue in cheek humour for the parents too!

    • Mummy Hearts You says:

      Its most definitely one to get! I already had my eye on it before Moo’s party win! Lots of tongue in cheek humour too!

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